About A Purposeful Path


Ginger Schmidt and Hannah Wood created A Purposeful Path, LLC to provide a unique, energetic, non-judgmental, safe environment for psychotherapy.  At A Purposeful Path, the goal is to create a therapeutic relationship that has an ability to create long-lasting positive change and personal growth.  

Hannah Wood & Ginger Schmidt

Hannah and Ginger met while attending graduate school at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. There was an instant connection and a life-long friendship was built. They share many of the same interests and values but, most importantly, they share a desire to help others find their way to living a purposeful life.  

Hannah has moved onto more open spaces on the Western Slope in Colorado, but her inspiration and influence into A Purposeful Path's formation and development will never be forgotten!

A Purposeful Path takes much pride in using only recycled materials for all printing and paper products and strive to use sustainable products for every office product as available.  


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